In Da City

I am getting used to being in the city. It still feels a little strange at times using a doorbell rather than just yelling at the door…hahaha. My new companion is super sweet! She reminds me of a Disney princess and has a great love for the work and the people. I am in a ward now, so there are a lot more members to visit and to get to know, and a lot of them speak English! . We ate this week with our bishop´s wife. She is from Argentine, and has the cutest accent! People say I look like the bishop´s daughter because she has light skin, brown hair, and freckles! hehe.

I think the “theme” of this week has been the plan of salvation. We have been teaching the family of Sylvett and Abraham ,and the chose to be baptized Saturday. It was such a great experience because they really are the sweetest family. They have a little daughter named Paola (She likes to say, “Hermanita Pao”) and their son is 2 and is named Christopher. Christopher lovesssssss chocolate, so we always have to bring candy to our lessons and to church! haha. Anyways, they are just some of my very favorite people in the whole wide world. After their baptism, we asked Hermano Abraham how he felt, and he just looked at us and said, “I can´t explain it with words.” It was so  beautiful to listen to them plan what day they want to go to the temple and to see their faces just shine. Paola says she wants to be a missionary:) I know that our Father in Heaven truly has a plan for each of us. There is a saying that I love that says, “If only you could see yourself as I see you, then you would know of your infinite worth.”  As missionaries we have had the sacred opportunity to see these people with the eternal potential, and and to feel so strongly this love that our Father in Heaven has for his children. it is such a miraculous thing.  I don´t think that as humans we will ever understand the depth or divinity of God´s love for His children. But as we try to obtain a more eternal perspective we can see in ourselves and in others this divine potential. We can recognize the talents and the gifts God has given each one of His children, and we start to see others (and ourselves) as who they can be–who they truly are. I love that God´s plan is the plan of eternal progression, and that He has given us the guide (faith, repentance baptism, the Holy Ghost, and persevering to the end). This plan works! The Gospel is real! I have never been more sure of it! I know God lives and that we have a loving Savior who has made it possible for each one of us to become who we truly are!
I love you all! Thank you for you love, support, and prayers! Be happy!

I have to go eat Panda Express now! (I love the city!! hahaha)

Love Love Love,

Hermana Ward


Choose to Believe

Wow, 9 months gone! This is going by way too fast! I just want to share something with you all!. This week I was reading a talk that is in the most recent general conference– “Choose to Believe” I loved it so much. it talks about the little girl who was in a plane crash in the middle of nowhere and walked alone through the night toward a small light that she saw in the distance. Sometimes she lost sight of the light, but she always kept in mind the direction and continued walking in the cold until she found a house where they cared for her and helped her. It talks about how sometimes we have to trust in the light in the distance– the hope that the gospel and the atonement of Christ give us. Sometimes our problems will not disappear right away. “Belief is something we CHOOSE. We will not accidentally come to believe in the Savior and His gospel. We will actively choose to
believe. Your actions are evidence of your belief, and the substance of your faith.”  Wow, I love that. I love  knowing that God´s plan is perfect. That as we continue with our steps pointed to the Savior,including our Father in Heaven in every decision, He promises us relief, He promises us joy. “Recognizing the Savior´s spiritual light begins with our willingness to believe. If we are willing to believe, if we desire to believe, if we choose to believe, then the Savior´s teachings and example will show us the pathway forward.” Ah! I love it so much! We have to CHOOSE! And he PROMISES to help us. There is always hope, we just have to choose to allow it to work in our lives. Well, changes are in TWO weeks, and i´m going on 4 months in Zitacuaro, so it is very probable that I will be leaving 😦 So my goal
is to enjoy every minute! I love this area so much! Even though it rains like CRAZY!!! The mission is the best.The wife of the branch president also gave me chicken feet this week…it was…interesting…hahaha
I love youuuuuuu allll!

DSCN8244 DSCN8270

Hey! JUNE 8

I´m sorry I haven´t written a big email in a while. The time goes by super fast when we email! But here are a few things that are going on! I´m still in Zitacuaro (or Ziontacuaro) hehe. and I love it here! I really love pueblos.  The rainy season has started (Mom, I am still using the boots we got before I left! If I need to get new one´s I´ll let you know:))  It is quite an adventure. I honestly have never seen so much rain in my life!  The streets don´t have a lot of drainage, so they  just become rivers. Long story short, we basically return to our house every night super wet and looking very grungy,  but it is a blast! We are still working with Beyonce: a 9-year-old recent convert.  (I love telling people “We have an appointment with Beyonce!” hahaha.)  She has lived some really difficult things, and her family has had a lot of problems, but she is always so sweet and happy when we come to visit her. The day of her confirmation she woke up early and told her mom to hurry and get ready for church “Because I have to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!” Ah I love her so much! She truly is such an example to me of trusting completely in God and allowing the atonement to work in our lives. I love Beyonce!
We are also teaching another family in which the children love to go to church! ( We are still working with the parents. haha) The other day we were in a lesson and the mom started to ask my companion and I about our families. We both had pictures of our families with us, so we showed them. When they saw the picture of Jack, the little kids got SOOOO excited. haha. They kept saying “Que blanco!” (He is so white!) and “He looks like a cartoon!” hahaha. They didn´t want to give me the picture back! And they keep asking me “And your baby? Do you have more pictures of your baby?” haha. So little Jack is a celebrity here in Mexico. And Mom´s red hair is a smash too;)  haha

Just a little thought! This week I read the talk president Uchtdorf gave in General Conference about Grace. There was one part that really stood out to me, and I wanted to share it with you all.  “An element of God´s grace is the opening of the windows of heaven, through which God pours out blessings of power and strength, enabling us to achieve things that otherwise would be far beyond our reach. It is by God´s amazing grace that His children can overcome the undercurrents and quick sands of the deceiver, rise above sin, and be perfected in Christ.” Though we all have weaknesses, we can overcome them. Indeed it is by the grace of God that, if we humble ourselves and have faith, weak things can become strong. Throughout our lives, God´s grace bestows temporal blessings and spiritual gifts that magnify our abilities and enrich our lives. HIS GRACE HELPS US BECOME OUR BEST SELVES.”

i LOVE YOU ALL! I am praying for you! Hasta luego

“Sexy Lady”


This has been great! I can´t believe I have less than a year left here in Mexico! Ahh these weeks pass by so quickly. I am still here in an area called Zitacuaro–in the middle of the mountains! It is so pretty! All of our traveling is done in tiny Volswagon Buses (combis)! hehe, I think  President recieved inspiration that I really like volkwagons:)  This past weeks the rain was INSANE! It didn´t stop for two days straight, and we still went hiking..I mean, proselyting… (haha) with our skirts and umbrellas and boots.In our house we found two huge yellow rain jackets..we looked like two big chickens walking aroundMexico..hahaha.  Adventure is out there! Luckily this week has been super sunny!

The people here are so sweet. Although, we have had some pretty…interesting experiences. There is one woman who works at a fruit stand who ALWAYS yells at us. I don´t know how she does it, but she can spot us from like a mile away and just starts screaming “HERMANAS!!!!” She yelled at us the other day, so we went to speak with her, and she started asking us all of these crazy questions about Hebrew words and dances and I don´t even know what! When she finished I asked her what her name was, and in compete seriousness she responded , “Sexy lady!” I started to laugh, and she got super offended and was like, “Why are you laughing??” Turns out her name is Ceci (Cecilia) Ohhh man. So that is the story of the crazy fruit lady…I don´t think we´ll be passing by to buy fruit any time soon.

We are working on planning the marriage of one of our investigators who wants to get baptized the first week of April! She is great and loves reading the Book of Mormon with us and learning about the prophet. We are going to invite her to General Conference and I am so excited!

This Fiday all the little kids celebrated the first day of Spring, and the all dressed up like little lions and fairies and butterflies. It was so fun to see them all running around the streets! There was also a big parade yesterday to celebrate spring!

I love you all! Keep the faith! The Church is true!!

Hermana WardSAM_0299SAM_0302

March 2015 Transfers

Aloha! This week has been good. I got transffered to an area called Zitacuaro. The are a bunch of hills (I´m going to have some great muscles!), and it´s really green! Apparently this area is really popular for having lots of butterflies.  I´ve only been here for a few hours, but I like it a lot. My new companion is Hermana Ramirez from Guanajuato (I don´t know if that is how you spell it…but yeah) Yeah, leaving my first area was hard. Our ward divided last week, so I didn’t get to see all the people that I wanted to, but it´s all good. Those people were like my family here, and took good care of me when I really struggle with the language at the beginning, so it was pretty hard to say goodbye.

Hey remember the cute lady named Carmen that I told you about last week? Turns out her sister is a member, and she had attended church three times before! We visited her a lot this week and taught her all the lessons. She always calls us “niñas” and gives us kisses on the cheek. We were able to  baptize her yesterday–the last day of the transfer! It was great. After her baptism she was so happy! She was standing in the font afterwards and told us, “I don´t want to leave!” And she kept motioning to her heart and saying, “My heart feels so big!” Aww. She is a angel! I am going to miss her so much, but I am really excited to work in this area. I feel like an alien here though…everyone was used to the American walking around in Sauces, but here people look at me like I am from a different planet! haha.

My companion also got bit by a dog this week! So that was scary! It´s the guard dog of a member and bit her hand when we came to eat! Luckily it didn´t draw blood, but it ripped her skirt, and we had to buy some medicine in case  of infection. Ohhh the adventures of the mission,

A scripture that has really helped me this week: Matthew 11:28-30.
I know that the Savior lives and he will guide us through whatever trial we have. You are all in my prayers!

Hermana Ward

“And where are you from, guerra??”

Things are good here in Sauces. I am still living in the little blue house, but I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Liberona–she is from Chile! She just comleted 16 months in the mission and will turn 22 on Thursday! She does not speak english, so our conversations involve a lot of sounds and gestures..hahaha. But she is really sweet. She has SO much energy, and loves animals. Every time we pass a dog on the street (which is like every 2 seconds) she says, “Ohhhhh mi amor! Mi vida! Te amo mucho!” Haha. And she is always making fun of my accent! Everyone here makes fun of my accent:( The other day we were talking to someone in the street and out of nowhere he asked, “And where are you from, guerra??” (Guerra=white girl).

I have discovered that my official language for the moment is Spanglish. I can´t speak well in either language! We have one investigator who always wants to speak with me in English because she lived in the US for a few years, but I have a hard time speaking in english with her. Man oh man.

Right now we are teaching a really sweet family- they are like our grandparents. Everytime we show up they say, “The señoritas are here!” and they like to give us yogurt and hot chocolate. Hehe. Sweetest family ever!

In other news…never get a haircut if you can´t speak the same language as the person cuttingyour hair! It is the scariest thing ever. Long story short…last week a lady gave us really bad haircuts, and today a member (who is a hair stylist) helped us fix it. Ayayay.

Anyways, that´s all for now folks! I love you all! The church is true! Thank you for everything!!


Hermana Ward

“You are GOING to get married, Hermano!”

There is a family in our area– The father is an investigator and the mom and son are members. The parents aren´t married, and we were talking to them about the importance of marriage. They agreed to get married, but then the dad told us that he wouldn´t get married unless we helped him kill his chickens! It was a joke, but they really wouldn´t let us leave until they killed a chicken, and they made me hold the feet! Ughhhhh it was horrible. Afterward I told the hermano, “You are GOING to get married, Hermano!” hahaha. So there is my crazy story for the week.