Milagros, Tacos, and Flat Tires

This week has been crazy! So many miracles and great experiences and I would need hours to tell you everything!! But we had one amazing experience in particular that I wanted to share. It strengthened my testimony so much that the Lord truly is in every detail. SO this monday we had a meeting in President Whitehead´s house. We had to get there by 9, and a member in the Elder´s ward works right my the mission home, so he said he could give us a ride. We usually go in bus, but this time we are able to get a ride. So he picked us 4 up, and we were driving down the freeway, when he hit a huge pothole and blew his tire. We had to pull over, and his wife came with a towdruck, and they drove us into the city, then called a taxi to take us to the mission home. It was quite an adventure. So we get into the taxi, and the taxi driver starts asking us where we were from and what we are doing here (all 4 of us are american..hahah). So we started to intoduce ourselves and explain that we are missionaries, and a little of what we do. After a little while, he got very serious, and told us that he felt something different when we got into the taxi, and that he could tell that we were truly happy. Then he starting sharing a lot of the struggles that he had gone through. He felt like his family had rejected him, and that he wanted to change, and he felt for some reason that we could help him. He said “For some reason, I trust you a lot.” So as we were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, we were able to explain our message about repentance and the atonement. We talked to him about the plan of Salvation and each of us shared our testimoy about God´s love and his plan for each of us. The Spirit was so strong. When we finally arrived at the mission home, we gave him a pamphlet and took down his address to pass the reference. I hope he keeps listening! It was so interesting to see how the Lord crossed our paths so perfectly that day so that Miguel could hear the message God wanted him to hear.

I know thee lord is conscious of us and that He loves us. We are never alone. Many times he answers our prayers through those around us.

I love you all!
Here are some photos of some adventures of this week
Tacos al pastor (best. tacos. ever. Sorry Taco Bell.)
We found the lost sheep! 😉
“We spoken english! ” sign in front of a restaurant.DSC00592 (1)



This week I have been thinking of happiness, and what really is happiness. Sometimes it´s easy to fall into the temptaion of thinking “I´ll be happy whennn…..(fill in the blank)” When I find a good job. When the semester ends. When it stops being so hot/cold outside. For missionaries: “When I learn the language. When transfers come. When I can teach perfectly…etc.” But really when we do that, we are really deciding never to be happy at all! There is always something to improve, some trial to overcome, but does not mean we can´t be happy. Being happy means understading that we came from the presence of a Father who loves us, that He has a purpose for us to grow and learn here on the earth, and that we have the divine potential to return to his presence, and live in z state of never-ending HAPPINESS! Our purpose is to have joy. Does that mean that hard things won´t happen? Of course not. But I know I am happiest when I can feel the Lord helping me through the hard things. They are vital to our happiness. One thing I have realized as I have read the New Testament, is that Christ´s life was not perfect, but He lived it perfectly. He had trials, hard times, temptations, heartbreaks, and suffering. He understands more than anyone else what it is like. Thanks to His perfect atonement, we can choose to be happy NOW. The atonement is the key to true happiness, and obedience is what makes us worthy to recieve these blessing and how we show our gratitude for that divine gift!

I love you all so much! We still have so much work to do here in Rama Aeropuerto, and I know these next six weeks will be full of miracles!!

“Depend on the Lord, enjoy every opportunity, and delight in the life you have” – Kristan M. Oaks

Love you!!

Hermana Ward