Feliz dia de los Reyes!

TODAY ES DIA DE LOS reyes! It`s like santa clause, they say that the 3 wise men come at night and leave presents. And last night all of the kids tied notes to balloons and “send them to the wise men” (They say that the 3 stars that make up Orian`s belt are the wisemen! )

We´re are doing well this week. We are working hard with a woman named monica–she is the girlfriend of a less-active who miraculously showed up at church the other day to bless her little one-year-old daughter! we have started teaching her, and she is great! The only set-back is that they are not married,  Sooo these two gilbert girls get to be wedding-planners too!! hahaha!  I am actually really excited. We have a goal to get them married by next week, so the pictures will be coming! We also have a sweet family that we are teaching, and our plan is to get them to CHURCH! All of the wife`s family is a member, and they accepted the baptismal invitation after learning about the plan of salvation. Isn`t it interesting how when we understand who WE, who GOD is, and God`s love for us, our view of our lives changes? I love the plan of salvation .

Yesterday we  had a great zone meeting, and we talked a lot about the talk “What lack I yet” from general conference. I love this talk! I love to know that a lot of the time God asks for small changes, and as He helps us correct our course, we see huge differences in our attitude and in our happiness. i LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Ward