Almost Christmas…

Oh man! It`s almost Christmas!! I am so very very happy!  It`s so funny, the people here have no idea what cold is. When it gets a little chilly, everyone in the street wears gloves, scarves, 2 jackets, boots, hats….and there we are with our skirts and our one sweater. hahaha.
So in our stake there is a sister who is from argentina,lived in the united states for many years, married a man from Utah, and now lives in mexico. Her house is a mix of all kinds of cultures! She called the relief society president in our branch to be able to have us and the elders eat at her house on thanksgiving! We had a real thanksgiving with turkey and pie and mashed potatoes! It was so sweet of her. We Americans were very happy:)
We are doing great. We have been teaching recently a young woman who has 22 years and is living with some members in our branch. She had recieved the lessons from the missionaries before, but said she did not feel ready. A few weeks ago, we felt like we needed to visit her and invote her to be baptized. So we had a FHE where we talked about the restoration, and as my companion shared the First Vision, we all closed our eyes. The Spirit was so strong. At the end, we invited Jazmin (the investigator) to be baptized, and she accepted! Yesterday she was baptized, and it was a really sweet experience. The family had gone out of town for the weekend, and came back to be able to be at her baptism. I love it! The elders in our zone also had a baptismal service in English! So that was crazy! It was funny to watch them try to remeber gospel vocabulary in English!
Just a quick thought! This month in the Ensign, there is a talk by elder Christofferson that taks about letting the basics of the gospel get rid of the fear of the future. He talks about how when we think of Christmas, we think of the birth of Chirst in relation to all of the great things He would do in the future. But often we forget to take time to appreciate the beauty of the moment of His birth. Of the quiet and noble sprit that must have filled the stable. Many times we think of the moments in our life with relation to what will happen in the future, but we have to take time to enjoy the temder mercies, the precious and refreshing moments of the assurance of God`s love.




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