Hi everyone!

Wow, it´s August!  (Jacob, you´re almost completing  years! Woaah)

I can´t believe how fast the time is going! We are working hard in looking for people to teach. I really enjoy street contacting now. It´s funny because at the beginning of the mission it gave me a lot of fear, but now it´s one of my favorite things. You get to know a lot of interesting people, Sometimes it´s fun to think of a question like, “Excuse me, do you know where they sell french fries around here? Oh! It´s nice to meet you, we´re missionaries!” We have to get creative with our converstion-starters. Haha!

This week I feel like I have learned a lot about hope and what it means to persevere. we had a really sweet experience with an amazing family. They are recent converts and are going through some financial problems right now, but I just love their strong faith. The wife told us, ” I know God has a job waiting for us. I´m not worried. We´ll keep looking, and it will come when He wants.” And yesterday their sweet 6-year-old daughter shared her testimony in sacrament meeting (of course I bawled like a baby..hehe.) I´m continually amazed by our Savior´s love, and the strength it gives us. “The Lord is in the details of our lives.” Does that mean that we are never going to experience difficulty, trials, or heartache? No. But it does mean that we will see a purpose. We can leave the “roundabouts” that sometimes trap us when hard things happen, and we can press forward with a “perfect brightness of hope”.  We perevere when we continue to obey, even when we don´t see imediate consequences. We persevere when we walk by faith, and not by knowledge alone. We persevere when we find evidence of Christ´s love (even when it may seem that everything tries to tell us that it doesn´t exist.)

I love you all! Here is a picture of one of my favorite little munchins! (He loves chocolate, so we get along really well 😉

Love you all!!

Hermana WardDSCN8474


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