“Sexy Lady”


This has been great! I can´t believe I have less than a year left here in Mexico! Ahh these weeks pass by so quickly. I am still here in an area called Zitacuaro–in the middle of the mountains! It is so pretty! All of our traveling is done in tiny Volswagon Buses (combis)! hehe, I think  President recieved inspiration that I really like volkwagons:)  This past weeks the rain was INSANE! It didn´t stop for two days straight, and we still went hiking..I mean, proselyting… (haha) with our skirts and umbrellas and boots.In our house we found two huge yellow rain jackets..we looked like two big chickens walking aroundMexico..hahaha.  Adventure is out there! Luckily this week has been super sunny!

The people here are so sweet. Although, we have had some pretty…interesting experiences. There is one woman who works at a fruit stand who ALWAYS yells at us. I don´t know how she does it, but she can spot us from like a mile away and just starts screaming “HERMANAS!!!!” She yelled at us the other day, so we went to speak with her, and she started asking us all of these crazy questions about Hebrew words and dances and I don´t even know what! When she finished I asked her what her name was, and in compete seriousness she responded , “Sexy lady!” I started to laugh, and she got super offended and was like, “Why are you laughing??” Turns out her name is Ceci (Cecilia) Ohhh man. So that is the story of the crazy fruit lady…I don´t think we´ll be passing by to buy fruit any time soon.

We are working on planning the marriage of one of our investigators who wants to get baptized the first week of April! She is great and loves reading the Book of Mormon with us and learning about the prophet. We are going to invite her to General Conference and I am so excited!

This Fiday all the little kids celebrated the first day of Spring, and the all dressed up like little lions and fairies and butterflies. It was so fun to see them all running around the streets! There was also a big parade yesterday to celebrate spring!

I love you all! Keep the faith! The Church is true!!

Hermana WardSAM_0299SAM_0302


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