March 2015 Transfers

Aloha! This week has been good. I got transffered to an area called Zitacuaro. The are a bunch of hills (I´m going to have some great muscles!), and it´s really green! Apparently this area is really popular for having lots of butterflies.  I´ve only been here for a few hours, but I like it a lot. My new companion is Hermana Ramirez from Guanajuato (I don´t know if that is how you spell it…but yeah) Yeah, leaving my first area was hard. Our ward divided last week, so I didn’t get to see all the people that I wanted to, but it´s all good. Those people were like my family here, and took good care of me when I really struggle with the language at the beginning, so it was pretty hard to say goodbye.

Hey remember the cute lady named Carmen that I told you about last week? Turns out her sister is a member, and she had attended church three times before! We visited her a lot this week and taught her all the lessons. She always calls us “niñas” and gives us kisses on the cheek. We were able to  baptize her yesterday–the last day of the transfer! It was great. After her baptism she was so happy! She was standing in the font afterwards and told us, “I don´t want to leave!” And she kept motioning to her heart and saying, “My heart feels so big!” Aww. She is a angel! I am going to miss her so much, but I am really excited to work in this area. I feel like an alien here though…everyone was used to the American walking around in Sauces, but here people look at me like I am from a different planet! haha.

My companion also got bit by a dog this week! So that was scary! It´s the guard dog of a member and bit her hand when we came to eat! Luckily it didn´t draw blood, but it ripped her skirt, and we had to buy some medicine in case  of infection. Ohhh the adventures of the mission,

A scripture that has really helped me this week: Matthew 11:28-30.
I know that the Savior lives and he will guide us through whatever trial we have. You are all in my prayers!

Hermana Ward


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