Choose to Believe

Wow, 9 months gone! This is going by way too fast! I just want to share something with you all!. This week I was reading a talk that is in the most recent general conference– “Choose to Believe” I loved it so much. it talks about the little girl who was in a plane crash in the middle of nowhere and walked alone through the night toward a small light that she saw in the distance. Sometimes she lost sight of the light, but she always kept in mind the direction and continued walking in the cold until she found a house where they cared for her and helped her. It talks about how sometimes we have to trust in the light in the distance– the hope that the gospel and the atonement of Christ give us. Sometimes our problems will not disappear right away. “Belief is something we CHOOSE. We will not accidentally come to believe in the Savior and His gospel. We will actively choose to
believe. Your actions are evidence of your belief, and the substance of your faith.”  Wow, I love that. I love  knowing that God´s plan is perfect. That as we continue with our steps pointed to the Savior,including our Father in Heaven in every decision, He promises us relief, He promises us joy. “Recognizing the Savior´s spiritual light begins with our willingness to believe. If we are willing to believe, if we desire to believe, if we choose to believe, then the Savior´s teachings and example will show us the pathway forward.” Ah! I love it so much! We have to CHOOSE! And he PROMISES to help us. There is always hope, we just have to choose to allow it to work in our lives. Well, changes are in TWO weeks, and i´m going on 4 months in Zitacuaro, so it is very probable that I will be leaving 😦 So my goal
is to enjoy every minute! I love this area so much! Even though it rains like CRAZY!!! The mission is the best.The wife of the branch president also gave me chicken feet this week…it was…interesting…hahaha
I love youuuuuuu allll!

DSCN8244 DSCN8270


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