This week has been good! We had people come to church! It was great:) Our church is super early, so sometimes people have “plans” which really just means they are sleeping in….hahaha. We have a joke in our zone called “¿Que cree?” It{s what people always say to us right before they give an excuse for why they can´t come to the chapel. It translates to something like “You won´t believe this!” or “Who´d have thought??” It´s pretty funny. We keep a list of our “que cree”s because sometimes they are pretty funny! hahaha.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Please give everyone hugs for me! I love you all so much!

This week, I went on exchanges with a sister from a different area. She is from Costa Rica and doesn´t speak very much english, so our converstions were pretty funny. She came to OUR area, which meant I was in charge of finding the streets and houses! Ahhhh so stresssful! But it was actually really fun and we become good amigas, even though we could barely communicate. While she was in our area, some elders came to teach a few lessons with us, as well as a member from our ward. So there we were, walking down the road–an Elder from Argentina, and Elder from Columbia, a sister from Costa Rica, a member from Mexico…….and super white Hermana Ward. Hahaha. And I was in charge of getting all of us to a little pueblo in the middle of the wilderness to teach an investigator! ´Ohh man. It was great. But we found it!  (Miracles are real!) and it ended being a great lesson!

There was another little miracle in our lives this week! I think it was Tuesday, Hermana Gonzales and I were out in the middle of some pueblos looking for an investigato, when a young man stopped us and asked us who we were. We were both a little startled (he looked a little scary!) He asked us about our “Bible” and we explained that we believed in the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon, gave him a Book of Mormon, invited him to church, and had to run to get to our appointment. The contact was about 2 minutes long, and he didn{t have an address or telephone, so we had no way of contacting him. Then on Sunday we are sitting in church with one of our investigators, and we trun around and see the young man from the street walk in! He stayed all 3 hours and was really excited about church! It was so great! It is amazing how the Lord works through small means sometimes.



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