Esta Semana

HOOOOOLA. This week has been good. A little rough because both of our commitments to attend the chapel canceled at the last minute. But I have to remember that people have their agency. This week I did exchanges with another sister from a different area (my companion is a sister training leader, so we do exchanges a lot. The companion I was on exchanges with know VERY little english, so that was an adventure. haha. A lot of the little kids here think english is sooo cool, so when I tell them I am from the United States and speak english, they get so excited! It´s so cute. They try to show me the spanish they have learned in school like, ´yellow´ and ´Good mor-ning´ It´s the best. I sang twinkle twinkle little star for some little girls the other day,and they were just giggling. I love it. Another funny story- while I was on exchanges, we ate with a sweet family, and the father was 70-something years old. He asked me if I liked tortillas (we eat soo many tortillas) I told him I did,but he got up and went to the kitchen. He came back with a gian loaf of wonderbread, set it on the table, and said “Para usted!” (For you!) It was great. I also get asked a lot of funny questions, like if I miss McDonalds or if I like Coca Cola. And one little family asked me to translate their Whinnie the Pooh book into Spanish.  ohh man.

We have a great ward. Last week was the primary program.The little children are soo sweet. When we first arrived, they drew us little pictures and the little girls always give us little kisses on the cheek. When all of them started singing, “I stand all amazed” My companion and I just started to cry. You could just  feel their great faith. A lot of the people here struggle financially and don{t have very much,, but their faith is incredible. They are wonderful examples to me. And yesterday we had a stake conference. Elder Neil L Anderson spoke (it was a broadcaast). One of the main points was “Remember Who You Are” They talked about how remembering that we are children of a loving God (And acting as such) can bring joy into our lives. It´s so true. The gospel is a message of hope. We are working hard on trying to find more people in this area, and on serving more!

I love you all and pray for you all the time! Have a great week!


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