The arrival of your daughter to the Mexico, Mexico City West Mission

Dear Brother and Sister Ward,

President Whitehead and I want to let you know that your daughter, Hermana Ward, has safely arrived in Mexico City.

We have anticipated the arrival of these elders and sisters for many months now.  This group of missionaries we have been blessed to receive looks as if they are ready to serve and love the many people of Mexico who are waiting to receive the gospel and the blessings of the temple in their lives.

We fed your daughter dinner soon after she arrived, had just a short devotional because she was on a late flight, and had her sleep in one of the bedrooms at the mission home.  The next morning we fed her breakfast and then she was interviewed by President Whitehead.  Next she was briefed on the rules of the mission by the APs and and oriented by the office elders, the assistants to the president and myself.  Afterwards she met her new trainer and companion that she will have for the next 6 weeks at least, Hermana Gonzalez.  We took pictures, fed her pizza and then she and her companion left by taxi and bus to serve in Sauces, Toluca, in the state of México.


President and Hermana Whitehead



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