Esta Semana

HOOOOOLA. This week has been good. A little rough because both of our commitments to attend the chapel canceled at the last minute. But I have to remember that people have their agency. This week I did exchanges with another sister from a different area (my companion is a sister training leader, so we do exchanges a lot. The companion I was on exchanges with know VERY little english, so that was an adventure. haha. A lot of the little kids here think english is sooo cool, so when I tell them I am from the United States and speak english, they get so excited! It´s so cute. They try to show me the spanish they have learned in school like, ´yellow´ and ´Good mor-ning´ It´s the best. I sang twinkle twinkle little star for some little girls the other day,and they were just giggling. I love it. Another funny story- while I was on exchanges, we ate with a sweet family, and the father was 70-something years old. He asked me if I liked tortillas (we eat soo many tortillas) I told him I did,but he got up and went to the kitchen. He came back with a gian loaf of wonderbread, set it on the table, and said “Para usted!” (For you!) It was great. I also get asked a lot of funny questions, like if I miss McDonalds or if I like Coca Cola. And one little family asked me to translate their Whinnie the Pooh book into Spanish.  ohh man.

We have a great ward. Last week was the primary program.The little children are soo sweet. When we first arrived, they drew us little pictures and the little girls always give us little kisses on the cheek. When all of them started singing, “I stand all amazed” My companion and I just started to cry. You could just  feel their great faith. A lot of the people here struggle financially and don{t have very much,, but their faith is incredible. They are wonderful examples to me. And yesterday we had a stake conference. Elder Neil L Anderson spoke (it was a broadcaast). One of the main points was “Remember Who You Are” They talked about how remembering that we are children of a loving God (And acting as such) can bring joy into our lives. It´s so true. The gospel is a message of hope. We are working hard on trying to find more people in this area, and on serving more!

I love you all and pray for you all the time! Have a great week!



Hello all! This week has been good:) The people here are very loving and kind. Most everyone is willing to listen, but not everyone wants to commit! hahaha. We were working with an 88 year old woman named Carmen this week. All of her family are members, and she has been to church, but she refuses to be baptized. We tried to talked to her about the importance of Baptism, but she won{t budge. It{s a little heartbreaking. We also had a contact this week who agreed to go to church with us, but when we showed up on Sunday morning, she wouldn{t answer, and later told us she was sleeping. Our church is at 8 AM, so it{s a little difficult to get people to commit to come. Hna. Gonzalez and I are opening an area, so we don´t have much to go off of. And I can´´t understand or speak to anyone…haha! But It{ll be okay. Our area is great. The members are super faithful. We had an open house this week with little ramadas in the park with activities and information about the church! We were able to get lots of references through that! I feel like I am growing a lot closer to the Savior, because I literally cannot do this by myself! He is my rock! Here is a quote I found that I really like: ´Like the Polar Star in the Heavens, regardless of what the future holds, there stands the Redeemer of the World, the Son of God, constant and sure as the anchor of our immortal lives. He is the rock of our Salvation, our strength, our comfort, the very focus of our faith. In sunshine and in shadow, we look to him, and he is there to assure and Smile upon us.´-Gordon B Hinkley

I love you ALL!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Hermana Ward


Me eating an elote (Get that corn out of my face!)

The arrival of your daughter to the Mexico, Mexico City West Mission

Dear Brother and Sister Ward,

President Whitehead and I want to let you know that your daughter, Hermana Ward, has safely arrived in Mexico City.

We have anticipated the arrival of these elders and sisters for many months now.  This group of missionaries we have been blessed to receive looks as if they are ready to serve and love the many people of Mexico who are waiting to receive the gospel and the blessings of the temple in their lives.

We fed your daughter dinner soon after she arrived, had just a short devotional because she was on a late flight, and had her sleep in one of the bedrooms at the mission home.  The next morning we fed her breakfast and then she was interviewed by President Whitehead.  Next she was briefed on the rules of the mission by the APs and and oriented by the office elders, the assistants to the president and myself.  Afterwards she met her new trainer and companion that she will have for the next 6 weeks at least, Hermana Gonzalez.  We took pictures, fed her pizza and then she and her companion left by taxi and bus to serve in Sauces, Toluca, in the state of México.


President and Hermana Whitehead


Primera Semana en Mexico

Hola Todos! This week has been long and hard and good. We arrived Tuesday night to our little house. We live in a city called Toluca in a colonia called Sauces. It´s a little suburb that reminds me a lot of Flagstaff! We live in a tiny blue 2 storey house. I will get you some pictures next week! My companion (or my mamá) is Hna. Gonzalez. She is from Mexico and has been out about 16 months. She is the sister training leader for the zone. She is actually at a meeting in the mission home in DF (Mexico City–Distric Federal) right now, so I am on an exchance in a place called Independencia with Hna. Toole–a redhead from AZ!   Hna Gonzalez is a great missionary, and is helping me a l,ot with my spanish! She is learning English, so sometimes she´ll ask me what certain words mean like ´freak out´and ´sketchy´and then I have to try to explain to her…hahaha. The first few days were a little hard because out house didn´t have running water. We had to shower using buckets of cold water! Then we got the water to work, but the boiler (water heater) was broken, so we didn´t have warm water! But then a member came and fixed it on friday, so we have warm water now! I was extremely grumpy those first few days…hahaha. The food has been fairly normal–nothing too crazy! Lots and lots and lots of tortillas. And I got a bon bon for Dia de Los Muertos! Sooo good. The people here are very kind, and the members treat us really well. Our Bishop own a pizzaria down the street, so we see him a lot! and a sweet member, Hna. Lulu, has a papeleria (craft store) like three dorrs down from us, so she always takes care of us–she is like our little mom out here. Hna. Gonzalez and I are opening an area, so it is alot of work because there is very little information to use, so a lot of out time is contacting. Part of our area includes some pueblos out in the middle of cornfields.It{s a long walk, but it is beautiful. Dia de los Muertos was so cool! Lots of people have big altars dedicated to their family members who have pased on, and they are so pretty!

Some things I have learned this week:
No one can pronounce my last name
I have never been taller than so many people in my life
Mexico is COLD!
Never ask for a little more food, because the second helping will be bigger the first, and you HAVE to eat all of it!
The Gospel is true everywhere!

I know that the Lord loves the people here so much! I´ve been able to experience a little of that love this week. I am hoping the language will come sooner than later, but I know the lord has a plan. He has graven us on the palms of His hands. Somos hijos de Dios! (We are children of God). I love you all and I pray for you ALWAYS!



Last email from the US OF A!

Hey team!

Sooo I leave for Mexico in TWO DAYS! So exciting! I’m going to miss my district and the people I have met here so much, but I can’t wait to meet the wonderful people of Mexico. This week we had an activity called “‘In-Field Training” where we went to main campus and spent ALL DAY learning more about what it will be like when we get to our missions. It was a long day, but I feel like I learned so much. One thing the teachers always say is “talk to everyone!” And in my head I think, “But I can’t even speak Spanish!!” Hehe. But I know the Lord will provide help and strength.  This week we have been doing a lot of practice lessons–focusing on teaching people, not lessons. We have been focusing on seeing and treating others as friends whom we want to help, rather than lessons to be taught. It has been a very good week. I am working on trying to memorize as much vocabulary and conjugations as I can before I get to Mexico where people speak a million miles an hour. We were talking to this sweet lady from Chile in the temple the other day, and she was telling us how she was taught the Gospel by 2 sister missionaries a long time ago. She said  it was one of the Hermana’s first day in the country and she could barely speak the language. The Chilaen sister said, “All that sister missionary could say was: ‘I know that this message is true.’ But I could feel such a strength in her that it made me want to know more!” I thought that was such a sweet story! God asks for our very best, and then He takes care of the rest.

I wanted to share a quick quote this week! It’s from a talk called, “The 4th Missionary” by Lawrence Corbridge. It says, “In the end, your heart is all you have to give that the Lord does not already have. If you give your time, two years, and your strength, you give only that which He grants to you with each beat of your heart and each breath you draw. Everything you have to give the Lord  has its origin in Him except one thing: your will. He does not have your heart, nor your mind, unless you give them to him. It is the only gift you have to offer that He does not already have. And so when you give yourself, you truly give everything to Him.”

I just love that! God id so good! Life is good! I hope you all have a wonderful week!