‘M GOING TO MEXICO! It is official!

I’M GOING TO MEXICO! It is official! I got my travel plans yesterday. My visa and everything worked out, so I will be leaving the MTC at 3:35 on October 27th, flying to Georgia, and arriving in Mexico at 6pm that night!

It’s getting real!! I do NOT feel ready at all. My spanish isn’t even close to being good.  But I know it will all work out! I’m going to miss my district so much! We have all become extremely close, and it’s crazy to think that we have only known each other for a little over a month!
This week has been good! Every day we go teach lessons at the Teaching Resource center, where we teach someone who is interested in hearing about the church (or a an actor.) Our investigator’s name is Rosi. She is so sweet, and has the prettiest accent! Hna. Harmon, Hna. Dungan and I got to know her pretty well over the past little while, and I will miss talking with her. The other day we were talking with her, and halfway through the lesson, I just had this realization that I she was speaking spanish to me, and I was UNDERSTANDING! MIRACLES ARE REAL!

I think this week, the most important thing I have learned is just to love unconditionally! Loving the people and places in your life at this moment, loving the work you’re doing, loving yourself even when you do stupid things, loving the Savior, loving God, and just always finding something to love!
Life is good! LOVE YOU ALL!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana WardDSCN0136


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