‘M GOING TO MEXICO! It is official!

I’M GOING TO MEXICO! It is official! I got my travel plans yesterday. My visa and everything worked out, so I will be leaving the MTC at 3:35 on October 27th, flying to Georgia, and arriving in Mexico at 6pm that night!

It’s getting real!! I do NOT feel ready at all. My spanish isn’t even close to being good.  But I know it will all work out! I’m going to miss my district so much! We have all become extremely close, and it’s crazy to think that we have only known each other for a little over a month!
This week has been good! Every day we go teach lessons at the Teaching Resource center, where we teach someone who is interested in hearing about the church (or a an actor.) Our investigator’s name is Rosi. She is so sweet, and has the prettiest accent! Hna. Harmon, Hna. Dungan and I got to know her pretty well over the past little while, and I will miss talking with her. The other day we were talking with her, and halfway through the lesson, I just had this realization that I she was speaking spanish to me, and I was UNDERSTANDING! MIRACLES ARE REAL!

I think this week, the most important thing I have learned is just to love unconditionally! Loving the people and places in your life at this moment, loving the work you’re doing, loving yourself even when you do stupid things, loving the Savior, loving God, and just always finding something to love!
Life is good! LOVE YOU ALL!

Con mucho amor,

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Hi familia,

This week was good! We got to watch conference up at main campus last weekend, which was cool!  Conference is the best! And being surrounded my missionaries is incredible! I love listening to all of the missionaries sing together! So amazing.  We also get better food up there on Main campus, so that is a plus! The food here hurts my stomach…so I eat cereal! Last week one of the zones decided to eat the entire huge container of cocoa puffs….I don’t really know why…but they did it! hahaha. Hmmm, we went to the Mexican Consulate on Tuesday! We went into the real world…it was weird. We got to talk to some nice people though, and my visa will be ready for me to fly to Mexico on October 27th! Ahhh so crazy. I need to learn more spanish!

I’m in a trio now, which is fun! I feel badly because I sort of just joined this other companionship…so hopefully they don’t think I am too annoying. I honestly sing Disney ALL the time. Oh well. They love it… deep down.

Hehe, so one of my teachers, (Hermano V.) loves to talk about Mexico. He is with us for three hours a day, and sometimes he spends a huge chunk of time just telling us about every little detail. it is ridiculous. but so funny!  And sometimes he gets his english and spanish mixed up. So one day we were learning about indirect obejects, and he meant to ask us “What is being ‘verbed’?”  But he kept saying “What is being berbed??”  He kept saying it over and over and looking at me, but I could not figure out what he was asking! Finally I realized the “v” and “b” are the same in spanish…hahah oh man. He also kept telling us to beware of “Incarnated toenails” instead of “ingrown toenails”. hahahahaha. I couldn’t stop giggling. I’m the worst.

I get to host some new missionaries this week! So that will be fun! And we got to go to the temple and Burger Supreme today! soooo good.

I love you all! Sorry for the short emails, but know I am thinking and praying for all of youuu!

A favorite quote of mine: ” The same God that placed that star in a precise orbit millenia before it appeared over bethlehem in celebration of the birth of the Babe has given at least equal attention to placement of each of us in precise human orbits so that we may, if we will, illuminate that landscape of our individual lives, so that our light may not only lead others, but ward them as well” -Neil A. Maxwell

It’s all true! Love you all!
Send me your favorite talks/quotes so I can print them! I’m making a collection!


Hellooooo Oct 4


This week has been good! Not too much to report. Lots and lots of studying!   The Spanish is coming along slowly but surely. I just can’t wait until I can actually say what I want to say to other people.  My companion left this week for Guatemala…so sad! So I am now in a trio! I hope I don’t annoy them too much… I just really enjoy singing High School Musical and Michael Jackson during exercise time…
We are teaching three people now, and are working hard to learn the all of the past and future conjugations. Espanol can be a struggle. Sometimes I get so tired, and I get really giggly. One of our teachers has a British accent when he speaks english,and when ever he says “Investigatas” or “Aboot” I just lose it! It’s soooo bad. I’m a horrible person! hehe.

Fall is here! It is so pretty! All of us going to Mex. City west are heading to Salt Lake this Tuesday to go to the Mexican Consulate! I feel so fancy!  I can’t believe I leave in almost 3 weeks! I’m so excited!

Here are some funny moments  from this week to make you happy:

–Elder Cazier (our District Leader) meant to say “Thank you for our teachers” in a prayer, but instead said “Thank you for our grandmas”

— We watched Legacy, and everyone started cheering at the Kissing scene (this is what happens when you haven’t watched an actual movie in a while)

–We were doing our laundry, and it started pouring, so we had to stuff our clothes in our jackets and book it across campus!

We are up at main campus today for conference, so I might get to email more a little later. I love you all! God is good and life is good!


Hermana Ward