Hola todos!

Hola todos!

Thank you all for the birthday love, cards, and packages! It was great:) Some of the Elders in our district went to a bakery on their pday and bought me cupcakes, and all of the hermanas wrote me super sweet notes and sang to me. It was so fun, I felt like a little kid! hehe. Thank you all so much!
This week was… interesting…. hahaha. Our toilet exploded in our apartment on Saturday (Mom, I had to buy new towels….sorry!) So that was crazy stressful.  I also think all of the newness is fading,  and we realized how much work we have to do until we leave for the field. There is so much I feel like I need to learn about the Gopsel and Spanish, and I feel like there are not enough hours in the day!  Turns out Hmna. Canty is being sent to the Guatemala MTC this Tuesday, so I will be put in a trio with another companionship this coming week. I am SO SAD! I love Hermana Canty! She has the sweetest heart and is so positive all the time. But there is a purpose for everything.
I quote Nacho Libre and Disney 24/7. I’m pretty sure the other Hmna.s hate it, but I don’t even care! hehe.Last  Sunday we got to watch the re-dedication of the Ogden Temple which was amazing. We bussed over to Main Campus from West campus, and all 2000+ missionaries in the MTC were in the same room and sang “The Spirit of God” all together. It was amazing. Then Elder Ballard spoke to us on Tuesday devotional. One thing that he talked about that really stood out to me was the worth of One Soul in the sight of God. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like no one understands or like we don’t matter, but Elder Ballard just reminded me that God cares about the details of EACH of our lives! We are precious to Him, and he never abandons his children. I love Elder Ballard.

Fall is coming, so it is so beautiful here! We got a new teacher, Hermano V., who is crazy smart. He is from Mexico, goes to BYU, speaks 6 languages, and is double majoring. He speaks spanish, but went to a british school, so his english accent it British! It’s crazy. He doesn’t seem to like english…or America…hehehe.

I may not have time to respond to all emails today, but thank you so much for everything!
Spanish is coming slowly but surely. We are working hard! I kind of feel like Mulan when she first gets to training and is failing at all the tests during “Make a Man Out of You.” I’m still waiting for one of my teachers to shoot an arrow at the top of a really tall post, so I can climb to it and then save China from the Huns. hehehe.
But I know God strengthens us when we are weak, and he knows our hearts! (Ether 12:27, Alma 18:32)

I love you all! La iglesia es verdadera! (The church is true!)

Con MUCHO amor!

Hmna. Ward

PS. This computer is lame and won’t let me attach pictures, but I will send some next week!

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